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This Arkansas native knows a thing or two about natural remedies, coming from the Natural State herself. Chi Smith, the founder and owner of InEarthgie LLC, has built an offering with both services and solutions. This is accomplished by aiding in manageable routines regarding existing conditions and build a long-lasting healthy lifestyle, through alternative holistic methods. With Smith’s passion and goal to help heal hurting people, the idea of creating the optimal daily/monthly/yearly routine, for everyday people is pure genius.


For 21 years, Chi Smith has devoted her time and energy to research, regarding people and medicine. With a degree in Medical Sociology, Smith focuses on health and wellness, as a resource for everyday people. To identify a person’s wellness based on their environment and daily routine is the hidden gem for Smith’s practice. Everyday people are looking for the right care to stay encouraged, inspired and motivated. As a Certified Belief Therapist, Smith provides services to hurting people, with a wide range of challenges to keep them inspired, encouraged and motivated.   


Chi Smith collaborates with many organizations, nationwide to assist in facilitation of creating “Healthy Behaviors.”  From mentorship programs, financial literacy programs, literacy programs and ministry programs, Chi Smith has guided many to the path of a healthy lifestyle.


Today, Chi Smith (InEarthgie LLC), partners with many organizations as an applicable counseling, coaching & training tool for men and women to foster healthier relationships with themselves and others, within the state of Texas. InEarthgie is best known for two of their most effective programs. The first program is their 6-Step Program, a guided program to assist people from living in CHAOS to creating ORDER. The second program is their 3-Step Program, a guided program to helping people create their OWN “Serene Environment.”

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