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InEarthgie Tea

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As we experience all walks of life, there is a tea for every occasion. With InEarthgie Tea, you will experience the organic aromatic flavors of tea leaves, herbs, spices and flowers.

Benefits of drinking tea:

1. Aids in heart health

2. Boost Immune System

3. Boost Metabolism

4. Promotes healthy skin

5. Aids in digestive tract

6. Helps to increase relaxation

And more...


1. 3-Way Sampler = 3 separate Kraft pouches with matte window of each tea choice (Release It | Breathe Again | Relax Yourself). Resealable self-sealing pouch design for freshness. Dimension of pouches: 3.5" x 5.5"

2. 10 individual tea bags in a box (per tea flavor choice: Release It | Breathe Again | Relax Yourself

3. Gallon Jug of Hibiscus & Cinnamon Blend InEarthgie Tea

4. Gallon Jug of Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Blend InEarthgie Tea

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